Imaging and Data Visualisation Reflection

Reflecting back over the year of Imaging and Data Visualisation, I can’t help but see a definite change within my Maya work. I have learned new processes and ways of tackling issues. I feel that I caught on to Maya reasonably quickly. However, it was through being set interesting and unique tasks that inspired me to latch on to it. I feel that the group work and environment of the class really help in learning and enjoying the whole process.

I especially enjoyed the Floating City in terms of group projects. I feel that this was because of the possibilities and freedom of the task, and due to the fact that we were able to pick our own teams. The group work helps each of us as individuals as well as a team. It builds general group cohesion, motivation and confidence allowing everyone to work to each others strengths as well as their weaknesses.

Although I enjoyed the group tasks, I found the Head Modelling task to be very enjoyable also. It was a nice change and allowed me to build upon my skills individually and try out a new piece of software (Mudbox). I found the modelling of the head to be a far more pleasant and entertaining process in comparison to the re-topology process. Although, I am glad that I have experienced and now have a better understanding of the Maya topology process.

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Overall, I feel that my general Maya skills and knowledge of the program have been vastly improved by studying Imaging and Data Visualisation. I personally feel that the classes and tasks have benefited my in a vast amount of areas both practical and theoretical.


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