Life Drawing – Semester 2 – Brief Reflection

After another semester of Life Drawing, I can’t help but see a change in my work. The quality of my pieces, and my general process/workflow has changed quite a bit from┬áday one. Back in Semester one I really didn’t see a huge point in the Life Drawing class. However, now looking at it with a further understanding of the Human Anatomy, form and design, I can see the importance of it.

Here are a few of my decent 5-10 minute pieces…

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For me personally, I found semester two far more interesting. The level seemed to go up and we began to work on more difficult sections of the body such as the hands, feet and head. I enjoyed working on these particular areas as we were allowed slightly more time to work on them and add detail. These are also key areas to learn for general knowledge.

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My favourite sessions would have to be the character sessions. Designing the life model as a character from a drawing sheet, or from my imagination was great. I would have often tried to add in more fantasy-based props (daggers/swords) to my normal Life. I found this more entertaining and interesting while drawing in the class.

Overall, I have seen a vast improvement within my proportions, form, drawing capabilities as well as my studies. I personally feel that the weekly life drawing classes have been of a benefit to me and have helped me in all these areas.

Here are some of my favourite┬ápieces from the second Semester of Life Drawing…

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Note: Unfortunately, I handed in my sketchbook early, forgetting that I needed to take photographs for my blog post. I will try to remember to update my post with the homework tasks once I get it back. In my opinion, my homework tasks were substantially better than the in-class drawings, as I was able to practice the techniques that I had learned in the previous class.


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